A sneak peek at our plans for a year of cross-sector collaboration

September 17, 2015

Earlier this week, the STCM team kicked off the first of the new year’s Collaboratives. These monthly professional development sessions bring together school leaders from traditional district, Choice, and charter schools to learn together and share resources.

The workshops are built upon research-based best practices and designed to give leaders tools to take back to their schools. While the topics are determined by needs identified in the field by STCM School Leadership Coaches, here’s what we have planned right now:

Instructional Leaders: Instructional Leaders help design curriculum, coach teachers, and create professional development to train staff. This year, the Instructional Leaders Collaborative will focus on backwards planning, using academic data analysis to drive the planning process, and creating effective teacher support systems. This year, the Instructional Leaders Collaborative will include a special High School Collaborative breakout session designed to meet needs unique to the high school setting.

Deans: Deans help create and sustain a thriving culture that makes their school a place that kids and adults can’t wait to get to every morning. This year, Deans will be working on using attendance and discipline data to drive their efforts, ensuring school-wide culture stays on track throughout the year, and supporting teachers’ classroom culture.

Lead Teachers: Our Lead Teachers Collaborative equips classroom teachers to improve their instructional practices and begin training their colleagues in best practices. This year, Lead Teachers will work on improving their craft through things like improved planning using data and backwards design, proven literacy strategies, and maintaining a joyful classroom even when things get rough.

Quarterly Roundtable: This Collaborative is for building- and network-level leaders. Following an analysis of year-end survey data and a focus group with some of our leaders, the STCM team is working to completely rebuild the Quarterly Roundtable Collaborative. Stay tuned!

Together, our monthly Collaboratives make for a cross-pollination of education ideas that isn’t happening anywhere else in Milwaukee education. STCM is breaking down the silos that for too long have hindered positive change in our city.

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