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  • City Forward Collective

    We are launching a new effort to move Milwaukee forward.

    On Thursday, June 27, PAVE + STCM announced the recently merged organizations would relaunch as City Forward Collective. This new effort will have a new strategy that builds on the strengths of both PAVE and STCM while evolving to meet the current needs of our city.

    We’ll be led by Dr. Patricia Hoben, who prior to joining our team served as founding chief executive officer of the
    nationally acclaimed Carmen Schools of Science and Technology. The network operates three high schools,
    two middle schools and an elementary school serving more than 1,800 Milwaukee students.

    The ‘City Forward Collective’ name was chosen to communicate the need for dramatic improvement to Milwaukee’s education ecosystem as a means of advancing the city as a whole – its quality of life, its economic success and its readiness for the future. To achieve the needed change will require all of us – all neighborhoods, all political ideologies, all school sectors – to work collectively.

    City Forward Collective will prioritize community organizing aimed at giving Milwaukee students, parents and other communities a true voice in education. The strategy will focus on increasing the number of quality school seats available to Milwaukee families. It will incorporate best practices from organizations in cities that have gained national recognition and momentum as they have improved outcomes for students. Examples include the Mind Trust in Indianapolis, Innovate Public Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and Education Forward DC in Washington, D.C.

    In Milwaukee, an independent steering committee representing communities from across the city met for nine months to determine how City Forward Collective could best work to improve education outcomes for the city. The committee’s work serves as the foundation for the organization’s new strategy, which includes five key areas:

    • Family and community organizing: Engaging in sustained organizing of families and communities to
      build a collective of city residents who understand and advocate for high-quality schools across
    • Community-informed policy: Identifying and advocating for policies that eliminate educational
      inequities and ensure high-quality schools get the resources they need to thrive
    • Diverse governance: Greatly increasing the number of leaders of color actively engaged in efforts to
      improve Milwaukee schools – especially in service on the governance boards of schools and education
      support organizations
    • Effective and representative talent: Ensuring strong pipelines for teachers and school leaders, with an
      explicit focus on new strategies to increase the number of teachers and leaders of color and build
      cultural competence among our city’s educators
    • Quality schools: Establishing an investment fund that will aggregate and strategically invest
      philanthropic dollars and liaise with national philanthropies to expand and replicate existing quality
      schools, support proven leaders as they incubate education support organizations or new schools, and
      provide targeted support to improve promising school

    The relaunched organization will work with all school types – district, charter and private – with a mission to
    eliminate educational inequities and ensure more great schools for the families who need them most. The
    organization plans to share more details about its new strategy throughout 2019.

    To learn more, visit our interim website at


    Dr. Patricia Hoben has worked in federal science, technology and public health policy; molecular biology and biochemistry research; nonprofit management; and science education philanthropy. She also led a city-wide science education reform initiative in Minneapolis. Most recently, Dr. Hoben served as the founding chief executive officer for Carmen Schools of Science and Technology, a nationally recognized network of college and career preparatory public charter schools including three high schools, two middle schools and an elementary school. Dr. Hoben holds a doctorate in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry from Yale University.

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