• STCM & PAVE Have Merged.

    Information and Frequently Asked Questions

    After thoughtful exploration and consideration, Partners Advancing Values in Education (PAVE) and Schools That Can Milwaukee (STCM) announced on March 15 that the two organizations would merge and relaunch as a new nonprofit organization in 2019. The organizations have been operating jointly since May 1, 2018.

    We believe this new, combined organization will be best for our kids, our schools, and our city – a way to make the biggest possible impact with available resources. The new organization will provide increased staff capacity and a comprehensive continuum of programs to empower school leaders and school governance boards for the city’s public, charter, and private schools. Like PAVE and STCM before it, the new organization will also have a mission to ensure more great schools for the kids and families who need them most.

    A nationwide search for a new executive director is now underway. Once hired, this executive director will lead the formal launch of the new combined organization under a new name in mid-2019, following brief strategic planning.

    Until then, all programming will continue as planned led by Interim Executive Director Rashida Evans.

    STCM Co-Founder and Executive Director Abby Andrietsch announced in January her decision to leave the organization this summer to spend more time with her family. Abby will continue with her planned departure on June 29. PAVE President and CEO Dave Steele also recently announced his decision to leave the organization this summer to pursue the next step on his personal journey. Dave will transition from the organization on June 29. Both Abby and Dave will remain active advocates of the new organization.


    With nearly 30 years of history, PAVE trains school leaders, board members, and community members in good business practices, including board governance, human resources, and financial oversight. PAVE also provides targeted financial support to build the organizational capacity of schools and to help them improve.

    PAVE’s Capital Investments Program has invested $23M in low-interest financing to Milwaukee schools, leveraging more than $100M in total investment to assist the growth of some of the city’s most successful schools.


    ABOUT STCM: Founded in 2010, Schools That Can Milwaukee works to ensure a transformational leader in every Milwaukee school, especially those serving the kids and families who need them most. STCM identifies leaders at all career stages, helps them get better, and connects them with one another – all for the good of the city’s children.

    Wisconsin’s School Report Card shows students at STCM-supported schools experience more and faster academic growth than the average school anywhere in the state.


    Why are PAVE and STCM merging?

    This merger is in the best interests of all Milwaukee school children. The two organizations will have a stronger impact operating together than they could separately. Currently, PAVE and STCM together serve more than 85 schools, though only about 20 are served by both organizations. Combining PAVE and STCM programming will mean a greater positive impact for Milwaukee families.

    Our mission, beliefs, and programs are complementary. The current missions and visions of PAVE and STCM are strongly aligned. Both organizations believe:

    • …that every child in Milwaukee should have the opportunity to attend a high-quality school, regardless of personal background.
    • …in an approach that supports schools in all three sectors: MPS, charter, and Choice.
    • …that effective leadership is the key to creating and sustaining more high-quality schools.

    The services and programs offered by the two organizations are highly compatible, with little overlap or redundancy. Combining these offerings will bring an improved continuum of services to a greater number of schools.

    We are setting a foundation for a solid, stable future. Both organizations are financially healthy, but in different and complementary ways. Merging lowers infrastructure costs, allowing us to direct more dollars to programs that improve our city’s schools.


    Why now?

    This is best for our city’s children and their schools. Both organizations will be more successful and create more positive change together vs. separate. The additive power of our combined programs will accelerate improvement of student outcomes in schools we support. Our city’s kids can’t wait.

    Impact. This is the best way for all involved to make the biggest impact with available resources. There is a scarcity of philanthropic funds in Milwaukee. That reality is unlikely to change anytime soon. Moving forward together allows both organizations to expand their combined impact without expanding their budgets.


    How will this impact schools, school leaders, and program participants?

    All PAVE and STCM programming will continue as-planned, with some programs available to leaders at all 88 schools in the PAVE and STCM networks. In the future, the merged organization will provide increased staff capacity and a comprehensive continuum of programs and supports to empower school leaders and school governance boards. This will ensure more great schools for the kids and families who need them most.


    What’s the plan? What are next steps?

    The organizations are now operating jointly – effective May 1 – and have already begun working to integrate their teams and programs.

    All programming is continuing as planned, under Interim Executive Director Rashida Evans.

    A nationwide search for a new Executive Director is underway, with candidate interviews in process. Once hired, this Executive Director will lead the formal launch of the new combined organization under a new name, following brief strategic planning in Fall 2018.


    What does this mean for the organizations’ leadership, staff, and structure?

    A new board has been formed, with an equal number of directors from both PAVE and STCM. Starting July 1, daily operations will be led by Interim Executive Director Rashida Evans and supported by a steering team made up of high-level staff from PAVE and STCM.

    Abby Andrietsch, STCM Executive Director, is continuing with her previously planned departure June 29.

    Dave Steele, PAVE President and Chief Executive Officer, recently announced his plans to leave the organization on June 29.

    Rashida Evans, Interim Executive Director, will lead the merged organization until a permanent executive director has been hired. She will also continue to oversee all PAVE+STCM program.

    When hired, the new Executive Director will lead a brief strategic planning process in preparation to formally launch the new organization with a new name.


    Will the mission change?

    No! In fact, the strong alignment between the current missions of PAVE and STCM is a significant reason this merger makes sense. Both organizations believe strongly in the mission of empowering leaders in all types of schools to provide excellent educational options to all Milwaukee children. That is not subject to change.


    Will the new organization be cross-sector?

    Yes! The new organization will work with all types of schools in every Milwaukee school sector – MPS, independent charter, and private Choice.


    Still Have Questions?

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