What We Believe

  • Providing Opportunity for Every Child

  • Our children are the future of our city.

    We believe all of them — no matter their background — can learn and succeed at high levels. Great schools are essential to open the door to success for our students, their families, and our city.

    Schools That Can Milwaukee is working to ensure every single child in Milwaukee has the opportunity to attend a high-quality school. We develop, empower, and support school leaders to foster more great open-admission schools for the kids and families who need them most, increasing opportunity and closing the achievement gap.

    A critical number of high-quality schools in every sector – traditional district, public charter, and private Choice – will provide proof of what is possible for students, parents, teachers, school leaders, community members, and lawmakers. Our community will cease to accept poor schools and student failure when a significant number of excellent schools exist.

    This tipping point for change will transform Milwaukee into a city where achievement, innovation, and success are available to every child.

  • Learn how we'll make this happen.