Chaplaincy services important as MPD grieves fallen officer

June 11, 2018

Those who knew and worked with fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Charles Irvine Jr. continue to grieve.

Irvine Jr., 23, was a graduate of Northwest Lutheran School in Milwaukee and, later, Milwaukee Lutheran High School.

Dennel Meinzer, who was the Administrative Assistant at Northwest Lutheran for a period of time in which Irvine Jr. was a student there, said she remembers him well.

“He was just a sweet kid,” Meinzer said. “He did everything with a smile. That’s one thing I’ll always remember about him: his smile,” she added.

Meinzer said Irvine Jr. was very compassionate even as a young boy. She said it’s no surprise he became a Milwaukee Police Officer.

“At school, he just wanted to help people,” Meinzer said. “So it was very understandable that this was something he would do.”

WTMJ-TV NBC 4: “Chaplaincy services important as MPD grieves fallen officer”

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