Gus Ramirez receives an Honorary Doctor of Engineering

May 30, 2017

On Saturday, May 27th Milwaukee School of Engineering presented Agustin Ramirez with an Honorary Doctor of Engineering degree during the University’s spring commencement. The school was excited to bestow the honor not just for Gus’ successes in the engineering world with the global growth of HUSCO International but for his substantial philanthropy efforts.

Through the Ramirez Family Foundation, Gus helped fund Schools That Can Milwaukee and school expansions at the United Community Center, Milwaukee College Prep, St. Marcus schools, Carmen School of Science and Technology, and others.

Perhaps his grandest contribution yet is the creation of St. Augustine Preparatory Academy on Milwaukee’s Southside. A completely new school that is determined to change the lives of the underserved in the Milwaukee’s poorest areas through offering access to world-class education – something Gus has often said is the key to changing the fortunes of those who need it most.

HUSCO International: “Gus Ramirez receives an Honorary Doctor of Engineering”

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