Why Leadership?

  • Great Leaders are the Heart of Great Schools.

  • The Problem

    Right now, access to great schools falls mainly along lines of race and income, leaving most of our city’s kids locked out of opportunity.

    This problem is worse in Milwaukee than anywhere else in the country.

    Student success depends on high-quality school leaders, who recruit and empower excellent teachers for every classroom.

    However, Milwaukee faces a shortage of high-quality school leaders equipped to face the job’s unique challenges.

    Our Solution

    Schools That Can Milwaukee works to ensure a transformational leader for every Milwaukee school.

    This is the best way to guarantee success for all students — regardless of background or school sector.

    Great leaders foster more great schools for the kids and families who need them most, increasing opportunity and closing the achievement gap.

  • When students succeed in school, they go on to lead healthy lives, and participate more actively in the community — as parents, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and more.

    Schools That Can Milwaukee believes ALL children, no matter their background, can learn and achieve at high levels when they are acknowledged, accepted, challenged with high expectations, and have their needs met.

    High-quality schools are essential to success for students, their families, our communities, and our city — and great leaders are the heart of high-quality schools.


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