Our Results

  • Intense leadership coaching, training, and guidance from Schools That Can Milwaukee, combined with the passion and determination of school leaders and teachers, has catapulted our network of schools toward success. 

    To transform Milwaukee, Schools That Can Milwaukee uses three Pathways to Transformation.

    Our work is already yielding incredible results.

    In late 2016, Wisconsin released a new batch of test scores and the latest version of school and district report cards.

    Both measures show the Schools That Can Milwaukee network is having a significant and positive impact. While every measure shows we still have a long way to go, there is also cause for celebration and excitement!


    State report cards:

    Schools in the STCM network are moving students farther and faster than a typical school anywhere in the state of Wisconsin. Here’s a summary of the subcategories that make up the report card, as well as the overall score:

    When we look specifically at high schools serving grades 9-12, Carmen High School of Science & Technology’s South Campus earned the city’s highest report card score, beating out even Milwaukee’s selective-admission high schools. Of schools serving grades 6-12, Carmen’s Northwest Campus earned the second best report card score. (One other relevant note: Carmen’s South Campus also earned the city’s highest ACT composite score!)


    Wisconsin Forward exam

    On our state’s new standardized student assessment, Schools That Can Milwaukee Member Schools – those recognized for consistent top performance – scored close to state averages. Our Focus Schools – the high-potential schools we’re investing in most deeply – significantly outperformed city averages.

    • Transforming Schools

      Schools That Can Milwaukee works closely with schools of varying levels of quality to help each academic institution realize its full potential. By driving toward a critical mass of high-quality schools, our organization intends to radically change Milwaukee’s expectations for education. Learn More.

    • Guiding Leaders

      Schools That Can Milwaukee recruits, develops, and coaches leaders to run successful, high-quality urban schools. Our coaching doesn’t stop at treating symptoms of struggling schools, but empowers leaders to drive change that addresses the root problems and barriers that hold schools back. Learn More.

    • Building a Community

      Quality schools are critical to the long-term success and vitality of our community. Schools That Can Milwaukee wants to see our schools serve as community cornerstones that anchor families, provide a safe space for children, and serve as meeting space for neighborhood groups. Learn More.