Our Results

  • Investing in School Leaders to Improve Student Outcomes

    By investing in school leaders, Schools That Can Milwaukee improves student outcomes at schools across Milwaukee. We see tremendous student progress at schools that for decades were regarded by many as hopeless.

    We monitor five key indicators to measure success:
  • 1. We are closing the achievement gap.

    Wisconsin’s School Report Card shows students at STCM-supported schools experience more and faster academic growth than the average school anywhere in the state.

    Our Focus Schools — those that receive our most intensive level of support — have cut the gap between the state average by 28.6% in reading and 45% in math over the past three years.

  • 2. We are developing great school leaders.


    In 2016-17, our coaches provided more than 300 hours per month of in-depth support to 28 leaders at our 10 Focus Schools.



    100% of leaders supported said their work with Schools That Can Milwaukee coaches enhanced their effectiveness and capacity as a school leader.



    Our Emerging Leaders Program has so far developed 95 leaders.

              – 31% received job promotions during or after the program.

              – 31% advanced to our Burke Fellowship principal licensure program at Alverno College.



    Our Burke Fellowship principal licensure program at Alverno College has so far graduated 26 leaders with principal licenses.

              – 50% received job promotions during or after their fellowship.

              – 27% received promotions to the role of full principal.

  • 3. We are retaining great school leaders.


    More than 90% of leaders supported by Schools That Can Milwaukee returned to their position in fall 2017, vastly exceeding the national average of 73% year-to-year retention for high-poverty schools.

  • 4. Our leaders are collaborating across all school sectors.


    160 leaders from MPS, charter, and private schools participate in our monthly professional development Collaboratives.



    96% of leaders say cross-sector networking and collaborating with other leaders has been valuable.

  • 5. The number of students in high-quality schools is growing.


    The 6 high-quality schools supported by Schools That Can Milwaukee have grown to 13 campuses serving 6,100+ students.



    Over the past two years, Schools That Can Milwaukee committed $2 million to support the creation of 2,700+ new high-quality seats for Milwaukee students.

    (Note: STCM was selected by the Walton Family Foundation to administer this one-time pool of funding dedicated to expanding existing high-quality schools and providing seed funding to high-potential new school starts.)

    • Transforming Schools

      Schools That Can Milwaukee works closely with schools of varying levels of quality to help each academic institution realize its full potential. By driving toward a critical mass of high-quality schools, our organization intends to radically change Milwaukee’s expectations for education. Learn More.

    • Guiding Leaders

      Schools That Can Milwaukee recruits, develops, and coaches leaders to run successful, high-quality urban schools. Our coaching doesn’t stop at treating symptoms of struggling schools, but empowers leaders to drive change that addresses the root problems and barriers that hold schools back. Learn More.

    • Building a Community

      Quality schools are critical to the long-term success and vitality of our community. Schools That Can Milwaukee wants to see our schools serve as community cornerstones that anchor families, provide a safe space for children, and serve as meeting space for neighborhood groups. Learn More.