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  • The Emerging Leaders Program brings together a group of passionate educators for a year-long professional development experience from Schools That Can Milwaukee designed to provide a hands-on introduction to school leadership

    Together, participants learn and collaborate on a project to improve their school while developing core school leadership knowledge and refining their plan for the future. 

    The Emerging Leaders Program is perfect for teachers, department chairs, and school support teachers, as well as deans and assistant principals in the first or second year of their role.


    What are past participants saying about the Emerging Leaders Program? 

    • 100% of participants said the program gave them a strong foundation in leadership skills and competencies 
    • 100% of participants said the program helped them better understand what their career path might look like 


    After completing the Emerging Leaders Program, participants frequently advance to principal licensure programs and master teacher fellowships, and they often receive job promotions: 

    • 28% of ELP participants advance to Schools That Can Milwaukee’s principal preparation program at Alverno College, with 90% of the program’s costs covered 
    • 13 Milwaukee educators, including 4 Emerging Leaders, have received subsidies from STCM for training and development from the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE) to become master teachers and skilled developers of their peers 
    • 41% of ELP participants receive a job advancement within two years of completing the program 
  • Program details
    • 7 two-hour seminars based on Paul Bambrick-Santoyo’s book, “Leverage Leadership”
    • Topics include: staff culture, student culture, observation & feedback, professional development, and data-driven instruction
    • Guidance from veteran educators
    • 1 school-based change project in partnership with their school administrator
  • Typical candidate profile
    • Teacher, department chair, or SST; or first- or second-year dean or assistant principal
    • 2+ years of teaching experience
    • Belief that all children, no matter their background, can learn and succeed at high levels
    • Willingness to reflect, learn, and take on challenges
    • Curiosity about school leadership, whether it be leading from the classroom, from the principal’s office, or somewhere in between
  • Program costs
    • PAVE Emeritus Schools, STCM Member Schools, and STCM Focus Schools: $0 for the first registrant, $500 per additional registrant
    • All others: $500 per registrant

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