Who We Serve

  • Serving Leaders to Impact Students

    Schools That Can Milwaukee serves student-centered school leaders who share our belief that all children can learn and succeed.

    We support school principals and their entire leadership teams, including leaders at every career stage — from emerging teacher leaders to established school network executives.

    We work with leaders at all types of schools in every sector — Milwaukee Public Schools, independent charter, and private Choice.

    Along with our partners at PAVE, we together impact more than 36,500 students through our support of over 300 leaders at 88 schools. More than 85% of students reached by our work come from low-income households. About 95% are youth of color.

  • Our Network of Schools
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  • Member Schools

    Member Schools have achieved the level of “high-quality.” They are great schools effectively preparing students for academic and lifelong success. Schools That Can Milwaukee supports Member School Leaders to expand and replicate their schools. In addition, Member Schools participate actively in Schools That Can Milwaukee’s monthly professional development Collaboratives and receive project-specific school leadership coaching on request. Member schools act as a mentors and role models for Focus and Partner Schools, which includes hosting school visits to allow others in the community to experience a high-quality school in action.

    To date, six Milwaukee schools have been validated as Member Schools.

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  • Focus Schools

    Focus Schools receive our deepest level of support as they actively work toward the level of high-quality. These schools have been identified as having significant potential to improve. To help realize this potential, they receive intensive school leadership coaching from Schools That Can Milwaukee, and attend our monthly professional development Collaboratives.

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  • Partner Schools

    Like Focus Schools, Partner Schools also actively work toward the level of high-quality. Partner Schools have been identified as having potential to improve, and are supported in their efforts through our monthly professional development Collaboratives. Some also participate in other aspects of our programming.

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  • Friends of Schools That Can Milwaukee

    A number of schools outside of the Schools That Can Milwaukee network send leaders to our monthly professional development Collaboratives. These schools do not receive school leadership coaching services, and some are located outside the city of Milwaukee or employ selective admissions practices.

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