Why Education?

  • Our Kids Deserve Better.

  • The future of Milwaukee depends on having schools able to develop tomorrow’s community leaders. High-quality schools prepare and build intelligent, motivated individuals to carry forward Milwaukee’s economic, democratic, and cultural spirit.

    In the United States, children attending urban schools face a staggering achievement gap. Milwaukee’s gap is consistently one of the largest. For many students here, educational opportunities seem to be pre-determined based on race, family income, and ZIP code. 

    Without the chance to attend an excellent school, students quickly fall behind. By Grade 4, children in a low-income community are two to three grade levels behind middle- and high-income peers. Just half of students in low-income neighborhoods will graduate from high school by age 18.

  • When students succeed in school, they go on to lead healthy lives, and participate more actively in the community — as parents, volunteers, entrepreneurs, and more.

    Schools That Can Milwaukee believes ALL students can learn and succeed – regardless of life circumstances – when provided with an environment where people believe in them, set high expectations, and provide the tools necessary to excel. With a solid education, students experience life-long success, and Milwaukee will become a go-to destination for start-ups, corporate headquarters, and world-class innovators, as well as growing families and individuals from every walk of life.

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