What is a High-Quality School?

  • Defining Success

    Schools That Can Milwaukee measures school quality using criteria that gauge whether a school truly provides students with the tools necessary to achieve their full potential.

    Our organization measures specific attributes using an evaluation rubric we call the “Vital Behaviors.” The tool is based on practices common to the nation’s very best urban schools.

  • The Vital Behaviors fall into three main categories:
    • Culture

      School should be a place that students can’t wait to get to every day. We measure culture with many metrics, but one of the most important is student attendance and retention. A high-quality school prioritizes student attendance and draws students and parents to attend, participate, and stay.

    • Academic Platforms

      High-quality schools engage students in meaningful and rigorous academic instruction and activities carefully designed to drive learning and critical thinking.

    • People

      Research indicates that teachers are the most important levers when it comes to improving student outcomes. But a school needs a great leader to recruit, develop, and retain excellent teachers. High-quality schools have a strong, stable leadership team to set the vision and steer the ship.

    When the Vital Behaviors are in place, the result is transformational student achievement.
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